Your Guide to Good Skincare While Social Distancing.

 Just because your working from home doesn't mean your skincare routine goes out the window! We encourage you to take this time to take EXTRA good care of your skin. Here are some of our favorite products, regimen recommendations and tips to good skincare while social distancing.

Perfect the Order of Operations

So what comes first, the serum or the egg? The order of product application makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of the ingredients you put on your skin. Here is a break-down of where and when to apply.


1. Cleanser

Even if you didn't wear makeup the day before, a cleanser in the morning and night is essential for getting rid of any dead skin, dirt, and oil that accumulates over time.

Use something gentle like our IS Clinical cleansing complex or Alastin Skincare gentle cleanse.



2. Toner

A toner can do different things for your skin. You can get a chemically exfoliating toner, a hydrating toner or a soothing toner. One of our favorites is our Faces+ line soothing green tea toner. It's packed with good-for-you ingredients likes green tea and witch hazel.

3. Serum

Serums are the secret ingredient to great skin. The ones at our store are concentrated with antioxidants to protect and enhance your skin. My favorite serum is the IS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum. This serum has anti-inflammatory properties to shield skin while being nourishing through olive leaf oil.

 4. Eye Cream

Eye creams go before moisturizer because they have more potent humectants than your typical facial moisturizer. The Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment is my go-to for an every day, eye brightening pick-me-up.


5. Spot Treatments

In this step, get all your problem areas with a targeted creme or serum. The IS Clinical Active Serum makes break-outs disappear overnight. 

6. Moisturizer

Do not skip this step! After cleansing and adding your serums you need to add moisture back into the face. Neocutis makes some amazing moisturizers that keep your face supple all day and night. 

7. Retinol (or facial oil)

Get your cellular turn-over going with a balanced retinol product. Retinol use should be slowly introduced to your skin so make sure you start by using it only a few times a week then gradually work up to more. Alastin's renewal retinol is my top pick.

8. Sunscreen

This step is SO IMPORTANT! If you're seeing any amount of sunlight, you have to protect your skin with a good sunscreen. Sunscreen is the only defense your skin has against the sun (besides a good hat) so make sure you lather up before you go out. Alastin's Hydratint works as both a facial tint and sunscreen - it's a product essential. 


With these recommendations, your skin will be fresh and glowing once we're able to leave the house again.